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Congratulations to our newest Star Recorder   


Jan Cloutier who received her degree on May 22, 2009!


 Requirements to Earn the Star Recorder Degree

While serving as Recorder the following requirements shall be met:

                                                          1. The chapter shall earn the Award of Achievement.

                                                          2. The co-worker shall be elected and installed as Recorder on or before July 31st

                                                                and shall serve in this capacity through April 30th.

                                                          3. The Recorder shall sponsor and have enrolled into the chapter in which she

                                                               holds her membership two or more new members between May 1st and April 30th.

                                                          4. The Financial Report shall be transmitted to Moose International by the tenth

                                                               (10th) of each month.

                                                          5. The Recorder shall sort the active membership into the (8) Chapter

                                                               Development Committees and provide the lists to the Senior Regent.

                                                          6. She shall attend the one-half day Annual Recorder/Audit Training Session and

                                                              either the one day Recorder Technical Training or the two-day Hands On

                                                              Technical Training each chapter year while serving as Recorder. The one-day

                                                              Technical Training Session is for beginner and intermediate Recorders while

                                                               the 2-HOTT Session is for the more experienced (2 years or more) Recorder.

                                                          7. She shall attend the Annual Executive Session each chapter year while serving

                                                               as Recorder.

                                                          8. All Tax and Government Reports, including the Form 990-Exempt Organization,

                                                              (990-P) and Form 941 or 944 shall be filed and paid on time, when applicable.

                                                              (Refer to Understanding Tax for Fraternal Unit Leaders booklet)

                                                          9. All receipts and expenditures are recorded accurately and properly balanced.

                                                          10. Membership records, reports and files shall be kept current. Membership

                                                                updates and status changes shall be reported at least monthly. Committee

                                                               Activity Night and fundraising information shall be reported to WOTM

                                                               Headquarters as required.


To date, we have 16 Star Recorders

Lynette Abbott                   Class of 1990

 Josephine Bagnall              Class of 2000

Geri Bradley                      Class of 1980

Janet Cloutier                    Class of 2009

Mary Constantine               Class of 1999

Julie Cronk                        Class of 2003

Wilma Ferrell                     Class of 1978

H. Louise Hubbartt             Class of 1981

Constance Jessen             Class of 1989

Joyce Lee                          Class of 1991

Linda F. Long                    Class of 1989

Carolyn Michalak               Class of 2006

Sandra Thompson             Class of 2001

G. Sam Trotter                  Class of 2002

Betty Welch                       Class of 2004

Charlene Welch                 Class of 1999