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Congratulations to:

Kathy Corey, Pat Lung, Lisa Slaven, Sarah Marth, Sherry Abbott, Claire Himmel, and Bridget Woldt on receiving their Academy of Friendship Degree on March 29, 2009.


Requirements to Earn the Academy of Friendship Degree         

     Any co-worker may qualify for the Academy of Friendship when the following requirements are met:

      1. The chapter shall qualify for the Award of Achievement.

      2. A co-worker serving as an elected or appointed officer or Chapter Development Committee Chairman shall be elected and installed on or before January 31st, shall serve through the end of the chapter year April 30th  and shall sponsor and have enrolled into the chapter in which she holds her installed position and is qualifying for the degree two (2) or more candidates between May 1st and April 30th.  If installed after January 31st, she must sponsor and enroll five (5) or more new or re-enrolled members into the chapter which she holds her installed position and is qualifying for the degree as well as fulfill her obligations under number 3 listed below.

      3. The Chapter Development Committee Chairman shall hold a fundraising project to cover the expenses of the committee which may include: a recommended twenty ($20.00) or more donation for both the Women of the Moose Scholarship and Maintenance Fund and to the special project of their committee that shall benefit Mooseheart or Moosehaven; to help defray expenses of Committee Activity Night; and help maintain the General Fund of the chapter.

     4. Any co-worker not installed into a position may earn her Academy of Friendship degree by sponsoring and enrolling into the chapter in which she is qualifying the degree five (5) or more new or re-enrolled members between May 1st and April 30th.

NOTE:  An eligible co-worker may receive the degree at any Academy of Friendship session provided she presents the proper credentials and Identification Call Card when she registers.

Call Cards and letters shall be accepted indefinitely.  In the event a Call Card is misplaced, a duplicate Call Card must be obtained from Moose International for an additional cost.



To date, we have 91 Friends

Lynette Abbott                   Class of 1979

Helen Abbott                     Class of 1985

Sherry Abbott                    Class of 2009

Wanda Adams                  Class of 1998

Lisa Ashby                         Class of 2004

Tina Avery                          Class of 2003

Christine Ayers                  Class of 2011

Josephine Bagnall            Class of 1995

Cecelia Benedict              Class of 1964

Joan Bojanowski               Class of 2005

Betty Boyer                        Class of 1984

Geri Bradley                      Class of 1979

Rose Bull                           Class of 1998

Myrtle Busch                      Class of 1966

Maria Cervantes                Class of 1991

Anna Cloutier                     Class of 2010

Janet Cloutier                    Class of 2000

Susan Cole                        Class of 1985

Deanna Coleman              Class of 1989

M. Kay Connelly                 Class of 1975

Mary Constantine              Class of 1993

Kathy Corey                       Class of 2009

Marcie Cornell                   Class of 1989

Julie Cronk                         Class of 1995

Joan Delp                          Class of 2010

Judy Doherty                     Class of 1984

Beverly Dowling                Class of 1978

Deborah Dupuis                Class of 2010

Corrina Dye                       Class of 2002

Anita Estrada                    Class of 2013

Wilma Ferrell                     Class of 1976

Arlene Fry                          Class of 1970

Marlyn Gilleran                   Class of 1993

A. June Glun                      Class of 1994

Patricia Gotzfried              Class of 1960

Laverne Grahl                    Class of 1988

Marcia Gronos                   Class of 2008

S. Jen Haggadone            Class of 2004

Corinna Hall                       Class of 2007

Johanna Harding               Class of 1995

Claire Himmel                    Class of 2009

R. LaDonna Hinch             Class of 2001

H. Louise Hubbartt            Class of 1954

Sandy Jasso                      Class of 2011

Constance Jessen            Class of 1956

Andrea Johnson                Class of 2005

Theresa Johnson               Class of 2002

Sheila Kick                         Class of 1997

Judith Lee Kimbro             Class of 2013

Marian King                        Class of 2000

Shirley Kirk                         Class of 2003

Barbara Kittle                     Class of 2002

Lois Koehler                       Class of 2001

Irene Kunasz                       Class of 1991

Joann Kunasz                     Class of 1992

Angel LaBarge                   Class of 2013

Donna Leach                      Class of 1996

Joyce Lee                           Class of 1983

Linda F. Long                     Class of 1983

Patricia Lung                      Class of 2009

Lela Markham                    Class of 1977

Sarah Marth                        Class of 2009

Christine Martin                  Class of 2000

Susan McIlvride                 Class of 2003

Carolyn Michalak                 Class of 2001

Marilyn Moore                     Class of 1972

Kathleen Mozol                   Class of 2010

Mary Lou Muniz                   Class of 1996

Kristin Murray                      Class of 2006

Diane Murray-Sweeney     Class of 1999

Joyce Nielsen                      Class of 2002

Linda Nutter                         Class of 1980

Linda Phillips                      Class of 1977

Denell Pirone                      Class of 1983

Nancy Quattlebaum            Class of 1986

Patricia Reinke                  Class of 1974

Susan Richards                  Class of 2000

Judy Roberts                      Class of 2008

Nanette Saunders              Class of 1999

Deanna Shaul                     Class of 2005

Terri Silcox                          Class of 1994

Clara Skorina                     Class of 1970

B. Sally Sloan                      Class of 1997

Mildred Snyder                    Class of 1989

Terrisa Spink                       Class of 2001

Sandra Thompson              Class of 1985

G. Sam Trotter                    Class of 1973

Maria Turvill                         Class of 1993

Betty Welch                         Class of 1994

Charlene Welch                  Class of 1996

Bridget Woldt                      Class of 2009