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The degree of honor is conferred only upon Moose Legion members who are specifically called to receive this Degree.

This honorary Degree comes as a reward for outstanding service rendered to the Order, and is a much coveted mark of distinction.

Friendship/Fellowship Meetings are held prior to the District Meetings on the first Sunday of the month.  Check the calendar for Lodge unit meetings.

Congratulations to our newest Fellow's

Joe Kick

who received the degree on August 17, 2013. 



To date, we have 34 Fellows


Milton "Buck" Atwell              Class of 1980

William Bennett, Sr.              Class of 1997

Clifford Boyer                         Class of 1971

Larry Bruner                            Class of 1985

Robert Bull                              Class of 2004

Terry Coleman                        Class of 2002

Will Colter                               Class of 1998

Vic Constantine, Sr.                Class of 2005

Dale Crider                              Class of 2006

Henry Cronk                            Class of 2000

Bennie Ferrell, Jr.                   Class of 1995

Cherrell Fry                             Class of 1973

Joseph Gergel                         Class of 1997

Joseph Himmel                       Class of 1992

Enrique Jasso                          Class of 1983

Fritjof Jessen                          Class of 1981

William Kemp                          Class of 1990

James Kermans                       Class of 1976

Robert Lee                              Class of 1990

Thomas J. Long                       Class of 1989

Thomas A. Long                      Class of 2004

Robert McCartney                   Class of 1994

Mac McNaughton                    Class of 1999

Mike Meyers                            Class of 2005

Larry Montayne                       Class of 1996

James Phillips, Sr.                   Class of 1979

Clyde Quattlebaum                 Class of 1998

Kenneth Reinke                      Class of 1972

Glenn Scott                             Class of 2001

Ralph Selonke                         Class of 1978

Robert Sloan                           Class of 1997

Johnny Wood                          Class of 1998